I am the one who embraces the Everything that I am.

I am the one who respects the planet and seeks to show that respect more every day.

I am the one who remains amazed at the growth of plants and the gifts they bring. Since first reading the tales of Narnia, in which a bar of metal from a lamp post fell into the fertile soil and grew a lamp post, I have been aware of how equally magical (perhaps moreso) it is that we can take a tiny seed, cover it with dirt and add a little water and sunshine and within days we will see little green plants. Within weeks, it will produce something beautiful for us to look at or maybe even something yummy to eat! I am the one who is constantly finding this a new and exciting realization.

I am the one who still finds wonder in the knowledge that we live on a sphere out in space. I am the one who sometimes finds it difficult to see anything as mundane because it all seems magical and AWEsome.

I am the one who is happiest at home. I am the one who strives to take "home" with me when I go out into the world.

I am the one who is filled with different colors and patterns of growth.