SoulCollage and Law of Attraction

I think this article really spells out how SoulCollage complements working with the Law of Attraction.

Being happy is not about keeping our chins up and ignoring our unhappy feelings.

In fact, I would say that ignoring our real feelings and putting pressure on ourselves to be bubbly all the time is a recipe for emotional disaster.

Feelings can't be masked or ignored. They must be explored, felt and dealt with.

This is where SoulCollage comes in. Through SoulCollage, we can get in touch with all the different inner selves, dark and light, that make up who we are and why we react to things the way we do.

We can learn so much about ourselves.

SoulCollage is great because we don't have to know what we're looking for. Isn't that the hardest part sometimes? Because often we feel bad but we've masked it for so long we don't really know why we feel the way we do.

With SoulCollage, we can simply choose images that have some attraction for us, tear or cut them out and paste them down. Then we can stand back and say, "aha!"

The "aha" doesn't always come immediately. I have many cards in my deck that still haven't really spoken to me clearly. But I anticipate their gifts, as I know they will give them one day.

Enjoy the article.