Peaceful Sleeper

Peaceful child

I like to draw three cards for the week. Then I have time to think about what they are saying to me as different occasions arise.

I also do this because I am realistic about the fact that I won't do a drawing every day.

This is one of the three cards I drew yesterday and the journal entry I made.

I am one who sleeps peacefully with my head on a fluffy pillow.

I am the one who has been playing the drum.

I am the one who rests in peace and comfort even though the forest is right behind me with all its mystery.

What do you want from me?

I want you to rest peacefully.
I want you to to trust that you will be well even when things look scary or mysterious.
I want you to play your drum and then rest.

What do you give me?

I give you the assurance that you will be well cared for no matter how little you know about what's "out there."

How will I remember?

When you see trees with their bare branches reaching up.
Every time you lie down to sleep.